Born in 1970, and brought up in the culture rich cities of India, Neeti is a self taught illustrator and a media artist based in Toronto, Canada.

She focuses on art inspired by Mandana - the traditional folk art of Rajasthan.

Her work consists of drawings and illustrations made up of geometric shapes, animal figures, architecture, and mostly all that can make up our daily lives.

Each piece of work takes you back to the narrow streets of the small towns, the muddy painted walls and the floors. Her work captures the soul and is an extension to the folk art of Mandana, and portrays the modern life with a hint of history, memories, and stories told by the elderly to the children.

She creates art that brings to life the culture, the creatures and the objects preserved in time.

Since she started working, her illustrations have been used and presented multiple times through various media. She represents the themes and relationships that revolve around the traditions, beliefs and lives of humans.Each design that she creates is unique, more remarkable and impressive than the last one.

She aims to share this art, these fascinating creations with the world trapped in these captivating figures.

You can see her art work throughout different media, like greeting cards, posters, coloring books, wall art, fabrics, and in various other range of products.